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what is this stuff?!


hair is made up of countless protein molecules linked together by disulfide bonds.  heat styling, coloring, perming, bleaching, etc will break disulfide bonds into single sulfur hydrogen bonds.  olaplex returns those broken, single sulfur hydrogen bonds to the disulfide bond they were always meant to be!  translation:  it fixes past damage and actively prevents damage during color services.  it will make your hair stronger, healthier, and it will even make your color last a little longer!  pretty cool, huh?

olaplex has three parts.  olaplex 1 is mixed in with your color.  olaplex 2 is applied between coloring and shampooing.  the third step is olaplex 3, which is a take home product used to maintain the bonds in your hair.  without olaplex 3, all those precious bonds will wash out and your hair will feel like olaplex was never used.  luckily, it's easy to use!  every week or so, apply a small amount to damp hair, then shampoo and condition.  if you can do that, your hair will stay in tip top shape.